Parkinson’s Toothbrush Pillow Balancer And Holder

Arthritis, Stroke or Upper Limb Differences, MS to Help Apply Toothpaste (HSA and FSA Eligible)

$ 19.99

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About this item

  • PARKINSON’S – Helps apply toothpaste when tremors occur
  • MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS (MS) – Helps rest the toothbrush when feeling fatigue, spasticity, weakness, tremors, facial pain or sensory changes (numbness, tingling, and/or pain)
  • STROKE – steadies the toothbrush with no hands while applying toothpaste that helps reduce pain while in recovery
  • ARTHRITIS – can help lessen your pain going forward
  • HSA -Health savings accounts eligible
  • FSA – Flexible Spending Account eligible
  • AT – Assistive Technology


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