Arthritis Toothbrush Pillow Balancer And Holder

  • Allows everyone to independently apply toothpaste and have their own toothbrush holder
  • Independence for all senior citizens, special needs, disabled, Parkinson’s, stroke, arthritis
  • Children love teeth brushing time – they feel like a “big kid” – twice a day the easy way
  • Toothbrush holder – standard and electric – dries hygienically – fda compliant – bpa free
  • Dishwasher safe – easy to keep your toothbrush holder clean and sanitary

$ 19.99

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The toothbrush pillow is a toothbrush holder and stabilizer and was created to provide everyone a simple solution to stabilize their toothbrush for easy application of toothpaste. Everyone brushes their teeth, but for some it’s not an easy task. Toothbrush pillow provides a horizontal holder to allow a person to concentrate on applying toothpaste without the mess and frustration. It also has a vertical holder to allow a toothbrush to dry hygienically. People that have found our product useful are those that live with limb differences, down syndrome, special needs, arthritis, Parkinson’s, stroke, and upper limb amputee. Toothbrush and toothpaste are not included.


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